Postbug at PAX Australia '15!

George Hemingway
December 8, 2015

Postbug exhibited at PAX Australia over the Melbourne Cup weekend. This event is huge. Each year, the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is packed with PC games, console games, retro games, tabletop games, tournaments, AAA giants and of course, indie games. Postbug exhibited in the PAX Rising area alongside 70 other independent game developers. The quality of the games on display was incredible, so it was a proud moment to be included in this space.

Postbug booth artwork by Tom Hederics Postbug booth artwork by Tom Hederics

PAX Gamers

Thanks to everyone who played Postbug. Exhibiting at PAX was an effective way to engage with people who are interested in Postbug's particular style. It was great to hear your feedback and watch you all have some fun. A memorable occasion was watching Gigi Kun finish Postbug with one of the craziest games I've ever seen. The cheers when Gigi completed the Beehive room with 1 life to spare was just fantastic.

PAX 2015 "OMG SO MUCH SCREAMINGGGGGG oh posted hahaahahah!!! - Gigi Kun

Joseph Hemingway

Joseph Hemingway helped out at the Postbug booth over the 3 days. Joseph has been an integral part of Postbug's development with regard to game design advice, technical expertise (Compiling C# to Javascript), assistance at other festivals (Postbug at the Freeplay Fete), and managing the hosting environment on Microsoft Azure. Joe, I've said this many times, but thanks again mate. Your help is very much appreciated and it was great to have you at the show.

Classic Gaming area at PAX Aus '14 Joseph and me in the Classic Gaming area at PAX Aus '14

Luis Van Slageren

Luis Van Slageren also helped out at the Postbug booth. Helping out other developers is nothing new for this guy since he was floor manager at GCAP and Unite. Luis also founded the Deakin Games Development Group which includes students, enthusiasts and professionals who make or study games in the Geelong region. Thanks again Luis and it was a privilege to have you on the team.

Luis Van Slageren at this year's Melbourne International Games Week Luis Van Slageren at this year's Melbourne International Games Week

Claire Curry

A very special part of PAX was having Claire Curry help at the Postbug booth. I've developed Postbug in my spare time for the last 3 years and Claire has been a tremendous support. Claire has helped with game festivals (Freeplay and iFest) and has been an influence on every aspect of Postbug's brand and ideas. Thanks once again, Claire; having you there to experience PAX and see how far we've come with Postbug was very important to me.

Tom Hederics

Tom Hederics helped behind the scenes by designing the artwork for the booth, flyers and business cards. Tom is a communications designer from Melbourne and the booth artwork looked truly amazing. Thanks again for your help, Tom.

Business card design by Tom Hederics Business card design by Tom Hederics


Postbug also received some media attention on the weekend. I did an interview with Kaes from Another Castle which you can watch below. You can also view the rest of Another Castle's PAX coverage on their PAX 2015 page.

Interview with Kaes from Another Castle

Postbug was listed as a PAX indie game highlight on Load Screen's feature Indie games of PAX Aus article by Tom Heath.

Also look out for Postbug in the next issue of PC Powerplay magazine!! Meghann O'Neill wrote about Postbug in her PAX indie special (issue 277). On that note, I'm going to leave you with one of my favourite Postbug quotes which was tweeted by Meghann shortly after the PAX weekend:

"Here's your love letter from an old friend. Sorry you drowned. I love this game so much." - Meghann O'Neill