Postbug at the Freeplay Fete

George Hemingway
May 7, 2015

Postbug recently exhibited at the Freeplay Fete in Melbourne. Firstly I'd like to thank Dan Golding and the Freeplay team for giving me the opportunity to showcase my game alongside a line-up of talented game developers and artists. It was a proud moment to be able to participate at the festival. A special thanks goes out to Joseph Hemingway who helped me run the table on the day. Joseph has been an integral part of Postbug's development in regards to both technical and game design advice, so it was great to have him on board.

Postbug Postbug at the Freeplay Fete!

Freeplay is an independent game festival based in Melbourne, and this year's 10 day event included a remarkable line-up of speakers who participated in presentations, online panels, workshops, and on one occasion, a debate. Other events included the Freeplay Fete, Freeplay Awards, a Hovergarden party, and a 2 day game jam titled the Multiplicity Jam. Freeplay provides a fantastic opportunity for game developers and artists to meet, collaborate and network. It's also a great opportunity for the public to get involved and see what's been developed locally.

Southbank Portrait Southbank Portrait: a Multiplicity Jam entry by Ian MacLarty which generates landscapes from photos taken at Southbank, Melbourne.