Postbug at the iFest Games Festival

George Hemingway
April 11, 2015

Postbug recently exhibited at the 2015 Melbourne iFest Games Festival in the Atrium of Federation Square. iFest is hosted in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Seattle and Lafayette and allows local developers to exhibit their games to the public. In Melbourne, 22 games were on display. It was a proud moment to be included alongside other talented game developers and artists.

The Atrium is an impressive 15 metre high corridor of glass and steel that opens onto Flinders Street. It was a busy weekend in Melbourne with Melbourne Comedy Festival and the MCG was hosting the Cricket World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand.

The Atrium - Federation Square The Atrium - Federation Square

This was the first time I had exhibited a game, so I was a little nervous leading up to the event. A perfect ice breaker occurred early in the day when a crowd of children arrived at the festival. They were fascinated with Postbug and its level editor, and were happy to explore and experiment with the game's world and mechanics. I spoke with one of the fathers who mentioned a school concert was on next door and the younger siblings visited the games festival.

Postbug at iFest Postbug at iFest!

It was a pleasure to meet my neighbouring exhibitors including Josh Andrysik, David Stow, and Adam Robertson from Little Reaper Games; James Reilly who is developing Cosmic Badger; and Ceri Davies and Mitchell Smith from Early Worm Games. I also spoke with Emil from Heaps Good Games who is working on a game based in the desert. There are some interesting ideas behind his project so keep an eye out for it.

Postbug Flyers Postbug Flyers