My name is George Hemingway and I'm an independent game developer from Melbourne / Australia. My first blog post is a good place to learn a little about myself: C64, C++, Drumming, BJJ, and my 12 Month Game Challenge. You may also want to read Connected Worlds which tackles my nostalgia for arcade games, Rastan Saga, Streetfighter 2 and fish'n chips!

A photo of me working on my latest game

I recently released a beta version of Postbug which is a retro inspired digging game. Postbug will have you eating bugs, dodging spiders, breaking webs, pushing boulders, diving underwater, and left in the dark praying those noises are just your imagination... Command a swarm of killer bees into battle against the spiders, or do whatever it takes to survive the most dangerous mail run in town!

Special thanks to Joseph Hemingway who has been invaluable with technical and game design advice. Mate, if only we had enough time to implementall of our ideas :-P

Classic Gaming area at PAX Aus '14 A photo of Joseph and me in the Classic Gaming area at PAX Aus '14

Postbug was developed in C# and compiled into Javascript using the Saltarelle Compiler. You can read more about this technology in Postbug Technical Overview: Compiling C# to Javascript.

Please follow any of the social icons below if you'd like to be kept updated. Any support would be very much appreciated. You can also contact me directly on email: hemingwaygames@gmail.com.