Postbug is Alive!

George Hemingway
November 27, 2014

A beta version of my Postbug game has finally been released into the wild!

Click the button below if you are on a PC or laptop using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Safari, IE, mobile and tablets are not yet supported.

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Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

This retro inspired digging game will have you eating bugs, dodging spiders, breaking webs, pushing boulders, diving underwater and left in the dark praying those noises are just your imagination...

Soundtrack credits: Cellofest (circa 2001) by Paul Fox (Indie Masters)

Harness the power of speed, fire and electricity; or maybe command a swarm of killer bees to wage war against the spiders! Only true Postbug Legends will survive the 16 gruelling rooms that make up the most dangerous mail run in town.

Postbug screenshot Do you have what it takes to deliver all 33 letters?

Postbug is dedicated to my wife and children who have shown tremendous support over the years. Special thanks goes out to Joseph Hemingway who has been invaluable with both technical and game design advice. Mate, if only we had enough time to implement all of our ideas :-P.

Thanks Paul Fox (Indie Masters) for the trailer's soundtrack. You've got some amazing work in your archives that date back over a decade. Cellofest is a little gem :-)

Thanks to all the playtesters who volunteered their time. It was great hearing feedback and your support is very much appreciated.

Postbug screenshot Command a swarm of killer bees to wage war against the spiders. Watch out though, the bee stuck in the web is a sitting duck!